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Highway 401 is recognized as a key economic corridor.  It provides access within the Greater Toronto Area, across Ontario and to the U.S.A.  Continued truck and car traffic growth has resulted in frequent congestion and operational problems in the corridor.

Existing and anticipated future travel demand in the Highway 401 corridor has been evaluated, recognizing planned development and other transportation network improvements to the municipal road network.  An analysis of the traffic operations along Highway 401 within the study area found that 2001 traffic volumes were nearly at or had already reached capacity of the existing six lanes (three in each direction).   Future traffic operations are expected to become worse to the point that traffic volumes will exceed capacity and create significant delays along this section of Highway 401. By the year 2021, Highway 401 will be operating beyond the capacity of 10 lanes (5 in each direction) for the following segments:

  • Westbound from Highway 410 to Mavis Road; and
  • Eastbound from Hurontario Street to Highway 410.

In 2008, the City of Mississauga in partnership with the Ministry completed replacement of the McLaughlin Road bridge over Highway 401 to accommodate the 12-lane widening.

In 2009, the construction began for the Highway 401 widening from Highway 403/410 interchange to west of Hurontario Street, Contract #2009-2031. This contract includes:

  • construction of the 12-lane core/collector within the limits;
  • full reconstruction of the Hurontario Street interchange;
  • construction of a new carpool lot; and
  • upgrade of the illumination within the Highway 401/403/410 interchange.
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